Category Passage

The Kinnock Reform was badly conceived and badly negotiated on the bases of promises essentially vacuous. The ultimate category passages – symbol of reward of merit – were completely vacuous of meaning and were progressively replaced by rather deceiving certification / attestation procedures. R&D mobilised itself at the side of all the current and future transcatégorials to give once again a meaning to this procedure which allowed numerous colleagues to make the most of their merits without necessarily depending of their hierarchy. R&D’s approach is double: political and judicial.


R&D is negotiating the organisation of new internal competitions and better conditions of category passage.


March 2010 Three cases entered the oral phase (F-64/06, F-126/06, F-130/06 and F 113-05) and will be pled these March 22nd and 24th 2008 with the court.
The last case (F-23/06), relating to only the passages of category, was temporarily suspended in waiting of the  judgment of the Angé Serrano case (C-496/08), finally delivered this March 4th, 2010.
October 2008
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