As you have asked us, R&D organises a

new solidarity sale of Parmesan cheese

to help the victims of the COVID 19 pandemic

Over the past years, thanks in particular to our solidarity sales of Parmesan cheese, we had accumulated almost 30,000 euros in donations which enabled artisanal and organic farms in Amatrice, a region affected in Italy following the terrible earthquake on 24 August 2016, to receive fodder (healthy feed for farmed animals). The craftsmen were thus able to sell their stocks of cheese, which they had difficulty selling due to the lack of tourism.

Many of you have asked us to organise another Parmesan solidarity sale and we thank you very much for your confidence. Now that a return to the office is gradually being considered, we can espond to your request.

On this occasion, you invited us to link this new solidarity sale to the dramatic consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic.

R&Dwarmly thanks you and shares your empathy in this period of doubt and pandemic. In these moments, Solidarity, a common value that unites us, remains our strength to help the victims recover from this health crisis.

Since 2020, we have all been victims of the health crisis, in one way or another. Caregivers have been and remains our model of bravery, self-sacrifice and commitment from the heart to human distress.

Why the King Baudouin Foundation? 

This is why, this year, R&Dhas welcomed your suggestion and has chosen to give the donations from this solidarity action entirely to the King Baudouin Foundation.

The King Baudouin Foundation has already been a beneficiary of our COVID-19 Solidarity Appeal (link), and of the EU-STAFF COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund (link).

The King Baudouin Foundation is one of the most important philanthropic institutions in Belgium. The Foundation is the facilitator of Transnational Giving Europe, already coordinates fundraising actions for the COVID-19 crisis and has a long experience in managing corporate solidarity funds. Through their network of European philanthropic institutions, they will help identify the most urgent needs in the different countries and ensure a coordinated response.

The Parmesan cheese which is the subject of this solidarity sale

As in previous years, and as you had asked us to do when you expressed your complete satisfaction, R&Dhas once again called on Punto Latte (link), a family-run company with a “short production chain”, which uses only milk from its own production for the preparation of Parmesan cheese and which has received several international awards for the quality of its “Parmigiano Reggiano DOP”, including the silver medals for 24-month Parmesan at the World DOP Cheese Competitions. 

The Parmesan cheese is produced without additives, without gluten and with top quality raw materials. It will be delivered in vacuum packs of about one kilo and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 8 months.

Once again, we have negotiated a very favourable price with Punto Latte, given the excellence of the product.

Thus, the final price will be 17.5 € per kilo of parmesan including your 2 € donation.

This is a basic donation proposal,

if you wish, you can contribute more generously

Practical instructions for participating in this COVID-19 solidarity sale

If you wish to order PARMIGIANO REGGIANO, we invite you, before 15 September 2021, to :

1. make the corresponding payment of 17.5 € for each kilo purchased (if you wish, you can increase your donation) on the account BE26 3101 1895 5129  by mentioning for an optimal management of the payments, the following communication: 

“Sale Solidaire Parmesan COVID19-Purchase of (indicate here the number of kg), your name, first name and telephone number”

2. place an order by filling in all the fields of the form available online on our website (link)

Only orders placed via this form will be taken into account.

The order will be definitive only upon receipt of your payment

The delivery of the Parmesan cheese is scheduled for the autumn, and only in Brussels.

You will be informed in due course of the practical arrangements for collecting your orders.

The exact dates for collecting your packages will be confirmed by email according to the sanitary recommendations which we will strictly respect.

We would like to confirm that R&Ddoes not make any financial profit from this operation and will cover all transport costs.

In addition, with the help of its team of volunteers, R&Dwill manage all the logistical aspects up to the reception of each colleague who comes to collect his or her package.

If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, please let us know by sending a message to

As for the previous solidarity sales, at the end of this action, we will make public the complete accounting of this initiative including all the details of the sale as well as the amount of the donations collected.