For R&D, every election campaign begins by

reporting on our actions throughout the previous mandate


Progress has been made but much remains to be done…


In this video, we present the results of our actions, fruit of

3 years of cooperation between YOU and R&D


In order to continue this dynamics of collaboration,

we would like to submit to your attention our priorities

for the 2018-2021 mandate

that we will illustrate with the help of several thematic videos.


We count on you to share your suggestions that will be taken

into account by the R&D list and YOUR CANDIDATES

Solidarity, a common European value for R&D

On 9 May 1950, the Schuman declaration enshrined Solidarity at the heart of the European project. One of the values that you adhere to in your daily life is also written into the DNA of Renouveau & Démocratie.

The establishment of Peace and Freedom for the peoples of the European Union reflects the fruit of 70 years of your work.

Unfortunately, faced with the crisis the European project is going through, subject to multiple attacks from all sides, we must proudly and strongly recall the founding values of the European Union that we defend:

·  respect for human dignity,

·  freedom,

·  democracy,

·  equality,

·  rule of law,

·  respect for the principles set out in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights… ( read )

These are the values we have enthusiastically chosen to serve by deciding to put our energy and talents at the service of our institution and the European citizens.

However, as the Commission rightly points out, upholding values starts at home: in order to overcome bad-faith attacks, to defend and promote these values, it is necessary to begin by respecting them yourself[1].

And this is exactly what R&D has been asking for over the past three years, continuously, from our institution and its administration…

A committed staff … A staff policy almost non-existent!

Today, we are more than 40,000 colleagues to serve more than 500 million citizens and their general interest by implementing policies for the future of Europe with dedication and loyalty.

Without the commitment and presence you have shown in spite of budget cuts and increased workload, the European Union would not have been able to respond to emergencies in different contexts.

In fact, 94% of you1 said that they would be willing to provide extra effort when necessary.

However, your undisputable commitment did not meet a similar echo in the Commission’s political action or in a management worthy of a genuine staff policy.

On the contrary, staff policies that are supposed to meet the expectations of each and every one of us have often created inequalities, frustrations, placing on compulsory leave and inappropriate real estate policies… all sources of psychosocial risks!

The diversity of the staff of our institution is an invaluable source of richness through our different cultures, the know-how of the more experienced staff, the expertise of different professional bodies, the young colleagues wishing to contribute to this brilliant project… and the disabled colleagues who have chosen to participate in the construction of the European project.

However, these human and professional qualities do not find their legitimate place within the staff policies!

An administration deserving a modern employer or an empty slogan machine?

What is more, the staff had to undergo a deep deterioration of the working conditions, in particular because of the work overload resulting from the suppression of 5 % of posts, that is 1,254 posts, for the most part AST, imposed blindly and without real analysis of the needs, the reckless reorganisations decided without any prior consultation, the lack of any possibility of mobility and true career development… all of which bearing psychosocial risk factors.

To overcome these significant losses, the “Talent management” and “fit@work ” programmes were launched without really mobilising the support of all the staff.

On the contrary, colleagues felt that they were faced with a fait accompli, without prior consultation, believing that these programmes were primarily marketing operations and did not really address their day-to-day concerns.

As a matter of fact, this perception can be truly felt when studying the results of the last “Staff Survey”.

All the more so as a gap has appeared and is growing between the Senior Management and its staff.

Ethics and integrity: Barroso-Kroes cases, parachuting, Article 42 (c), Junior Professional Programme, attempts to dismantle the Legal Service and the DGT… in short too many bad examples of mismanagement!

Confidence undermined

As confirmed by President Juncker when he took office: the mission of the “Last Chance Commission” was primarily to “restore the trust of citizens”.

On the contrary, the “Barroso-Kroes” ( see file )affairs as well as the array of “parachuting” ( see file ) even at the highest level of our administration have been widely reported by the media and have aroused very strong reactions from the public and the press, imposed the intervention of the European Ombudsman and provoked real political crises with the European Parliament.

Far from contributing to “restoring the trust of citizens”, these affairs have tarnished the image and the values of our civil service, called into question the credibility of appointment procedures, and casted doubt on the ability or even the political will of our institution to oppose them.

In response to these erring ways, R&D has always been the first trade union and, in some respects, the only one leading the fight to restore the truth and defend the respectability, ethics and integrity of our staff.

The basic principles of the public service tainted

Similarly, while the “Last Chance Commission” had to give a new impetus to a better organization and management of its services, the staff witnessed a gradual loss of speed and a growing lack of transparency in the actions of our administration, which seemed to progressively lose sight of the basic principles of our public service.

It is sufficient in this respect to mention:

· the attempted forced retirement of the most experienced colleagues through improper use of Article 42 (c) of the Staff Regulations that R&D has blocked until now by requesting interim measures which were granted by the President of the Civil Service Tribunal and confirmed by the President of the Court of Justice who dismissed the Commission’s appeal (see file)

· the launch of the “Junior Professionals Programme” alias “buddies first” (see file)

· attempts to dismantle services essential for the functioning of our institution: the Legal Service (see leaflet 26 March 2018) and the DGT (see leaflet 12 & 20 June 2018) to which R&D formally opposes.. 

R&D always at your disposal and by your side …

All throughout these last three years we have always denounced this waywardness and we have always put forward constructive proposals.

We have always been at your side, doing our best to answer your calls, and you have paid us back: at each request from us, you were present.

Whether industrial or solidarity actions, you were there! Thank you so much!

R&D is the first union of the European civil service

Through your trust and support, as well as from our colleagues in other institutions, you have made R&D the principal trade union organisation in the European civil service.

Thus, thanks to the synergies established within the federal R&D, it has been possible to ensure that the best procedures and practices for the application of the Staff Regulations within the other institutions are taken into account in all areas by avoiding that the staff of the Commission continues to be systematically penalized.

Much remains to be done

and we need your help and support again.

On the occasion of the elections for the renewal of the Brussels Staff Committee, we still need you, your support and your encouragement.

Indeed, these elections, which will be held on 24, 25 and 26 October 2018, are an essential step for the organization of social dialogue within our institution.

Not only will it be necessary to elect the new members of the local staff committee of Brussels, but also to set a decisive quota of the representativeness of each union and thus determine its negotiation power, its strength to represent your expectations and defend your rights.

Thus, in order to be able to defend you in the best possible way and

to set up your priorities for the 2018-2021 mandate of the Staff Committee,

we are kindly asking you to please vote for the list n°5 and the candidates of R&D.