Staff Regulations 2013

Together, with the Commission and the support of staff, let’s present a reform package to the Council which will also be acceptable to the European Parliament

We demand that the Vice-President be equal to the task with which he has been entrusted, and act with the agreement of the staff that he should be defending

To do this, let us get negotiations restarted

Wednesday 16th November 2011: new breakdown of negotiations.

Despite the latter’s proposals which are realistic, balanced and fair submitted to Vice-president Šef?ovi? by the United Inter-Institutional Front, he intends to present to the College a proposal to which the United Inter-Institutional Front has not given its approval.

Your massive presence will compel Vice-president Šef?ovi? to seriously consider the counter proposals developed by the united front of all staff representatives in order to protect the European Civil Service.

Now is the time to act, not just to “negotiate”


at the General Meeting of all institutions

Tuesday, November 22


in the hall of the Berlaymont