R&D has always been sensitive about respecting the policy of well-being at work of our Commission colleagues and fights for them to be enabled to carry out their allotted tasks in a working environment which respects the necessary standards of safety, hygiene and well-being. Despite the commitments undertaken by Mr. Chêne (DG ADMIN) in 2007 and by Vice-President Kallas concerning the Standard Building Manual,(MIT) presented as an avant-gardiste document, R&D has observed that the OIB is moving towards a supposedly innovative policy proposing so-called « open space ».

This document, which presents itself as “revolutionary”, is in fact nothing of the sort. On the contrary its only aim is to save money to the detriment of the health of the staff and the efficiency of their work. Unfortunately the technique consists of literally cramming our colleagues into offices which have been neither conceived nor foreseen as “open spaces ». R&D cannot accept this. What is more, this new buildings policy doesn’t respect any of the criteria foreseen by the MIT!

It is not enough to give the name of a new policy for re-arranging workplaces, to a policy which has not been “thought through”, discussed with social partners and devoid of financial means, to resolve the ever-increasing policy of space for the Commission services.

If« open spaces » ever prove to be necessary and useful for the well-being of staff, R&D will demand as a pre-condition a rigorous analysis of this type of organisation which needs to respect precise criteria (buildings adapted for the purpose, material, furniture, careful selection of the tasks which can be carried out in an “open space,” respect for safety measures etc)

R&D strongly insists once more that buildings policy is the responsibility de la Commission and not the OIB. The latter is responsible, along with the Staff Committee, for implementing the political decisions of DG HR after negotiation with the Trade Unions.

R&D therefore firmly requests :
? That the competent services of DG HR take responsibility for the role which falls to them by ensuring, amongst others, a respect for the basic principles of the policy of health, safety and well-being at work;
? That the Commission asks the Budgetary Authority for the necessary resources in terms of buldings to respect the MIT.