2014.02.03 – Internal competitions – R&D always at your side!

Faced with the disastrous consequences of the Kinnock Reform, R&D continues to plead for regular internal competitions, to repair the damage suffered by the post-2004 colleagues.

However, R&D is firmly opposed to the organizational arrangements imposed by the Commission for the ongoing competitions.

In particular, as explained in our previous communiques, R&D pointed out its strong disagreement on several is­sues related to the procedure: the one-off nature of the exercise, manipulation of the more than legitimate expec­tations of the post 2004 colleagues to manage the end of mandate of the College, ridiculous eligibility criteria laughable more than discriminatory nature of the questions on the basis of the talent screener and therefore more than opaque selection procedure, etc.

The European Union Civil Service Tribunal (CST) has since then questioned the selection method known as “talent screener” , confirming our analysis.

The results of the pre-selection process for the AD competitions are currently being published and confirm all our fears.

Many of you have addressed R&D to express your surprise and even your disgust regarding decisions that seem incomprehensible and unmotivated to you. You have found that, as we had foreseen, entire populations were excluded because of the more than biased nature of questions at the base of talent screener.

While understanding your disgust, do not let yourself be discouraged and do not accept these first re­sults without reacting!

Let us reassure you that at this stage too, you can rely on R&D ! In particular, you can count on our commit­ment and our ability to assist you with our legal team and our lawyer in the introduction of your requests for reviews and your claims.

Thus, as already for external assistance related to business Glantenay and Pachtitis, lawyers R&D are preparing art. 90 claim models to be available to unsuccessful applicants in these competitions.

However, our assistance doesn’t stop there. Since each case deserves special attention, we will provide you with personalised advice and an individual follow-up case by case.