2014.08.25 – INTERNAL COMPETITIONS – R&D alongside our colleagues in the protection of their rights!

The reserve lists of all the recent internal competitions have now been published

AD10 (COM/1ADV10/13)AD 12 (COM/2/ADV12/13)

AD7 (COM/1/AD7/13)AD8 (COM/2/AD8/13)AD9 (COM/3/AD9/13)

AST 3 (COM/1/AST3/13AST4 (COM/2/AST4/13)

Throughout the whole procees, R&D has assisted unsuccessful applicants by providing them with “request for review” templates and Article 90 templates drafted in close cooperation with specialised lawyers (R&D, its legal team and its lawyers).
Following the publication of the reserve lists, R&D is available to assist concerned colleagues and help them for¬mulate an appeal where possible.
FREE CONSULTATION with the R&D lawyer and our experts

R&D has decided to provide to ALL UNSUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES of these internal competitions a FREE CONSULTATION with our lawyer and our internal experts.

If you wish to make an appointment do not hesitate to contact us by email at OSP-RD@ec.europa.eu


We share our colleagues’ deep disappointment regarding the results of these competitions:
Who could enthuse a system that, even if applied without blunders, would only combine the statistically insignificant likelihood of success with a pathetic approach that instead of increasing promotion opportunities by adding the laureates on the list of those promoted… would remove their job positions from the number of normal promotions, and this, despite a chronic shortage compared to the quotas of statutory means intended for the mainte¬nance of a so-called career equivalence since… 2004?
We wish to remind you that as soon a the internal competitions were presented, R&D did not fail to point out all the limits and dangers of the chosen approach and its implementation (Renard déchaîné—juillet 2013 ; Internal competitions: the truth will be out! ; Internal competitions – R&D always at your side!). R&D underlined that these procedures were far from bringing even the start of a solution to the career problems suffered by our post-2004 colleagues.
R&D will not allow poor political decisions at the root of these internal competitions to become an excuse not to organise other ones in the future, thereby depriving the post-2004 and contractual agents colleagues of an ESSENTIAL tool to improve their situation!


The Commission promised to carefully evaluate the results of the recently concluded competitions before organ¬ising any future ones. To this end:
1. R&D will make available a detailed technical and political analysis of these competition results to staff and the administration, once again pointing out the problems and limitations in both the conception and implementation of these procedures
2. Following the shameful manipulation of these internal competitions by the Barroso Commission, R&D will appeal to President Juncker in order to start a discussion with trade unions for agreement on effective measures, to be implemented in a transparent and fair manner, which could meet the legitimate expectations of our colleagues.