2013.09.19 – Internal Competitio?ns – Le Renard Déchaîné reveals everything?…

Following the launch of the internal competitions we received many reactions highlighting your anxiety about the equality of treatment of candidates, notably in the section regarding your professional experience, and in particular, the discriminatory nature of the questions of the AD Talent screener.

We completely understand the anxieties that you raised. And these serve to confirm the criticism of these procedures – criticism that you can read in the attached annex .

Be aware that R&D will not let this issue rest. We will follow closely the progress of this scandalous procedure and we reserve the right to take court action and we will provide all of the necessary support to colleagues that wish to file individual complaints.

We are already in the process of examining, with our lawyer, the possible legal remedies. On this matter, The Civil Service Tribunal has just ruled against the Commission on the automatic selection procedure – the talent screener – thus confirming the merit of the R&D‘s position.