55+ colleagues

55+ colleagues increasingly feel that service managers perceive them as a burden and wish to have them retire as soon as possible, if necessary by using Article 42c in an abusive manner.

The lack of real recognition and value of the experience and skills acquired during long years of service are also a source of frustration and demotivation for these colleagues. Worse still, the fashionable “Cult of Youth” of the administration often serves to justify otherwise indefensible decisions and appointments.

R&D requests

  • the valuing of the skills and experience acquired over the years;
  • the removal of the impediments to mobility
  • for appointments as senior assistants (AST9) and senior experts (AD12 and AD13):
    • the correct implementation of the statutory provisions through the respect of the possibilities provided by Annex1B, by organizing fair selection procedures whereas the current DG HR practices are often a new example of management worthy of “Mr Bean”.